Julie&Julia was in many ways…A nonstop cooking rollercoaster leaping over time and space and heading back and forth betwixt future and past much like (500) Days of Summer. Except with a much hornier Julia Child then one may ever hope to witness in their lifetime…

Playing the giant of a woman is the incomparable Meryl Streep, turning her annunciation from her “Do’s” to Child’s “Dew’s”, and seamlessly transforming into this woman, like Optimus Prime into a big rig. The entire Oscar worthy acting aside, this part of the film focus’s mainly on Child’s time in France learning to cook and teach, while her husband (Stanley Tucci at his most debonair), works in the embassy for several years.

            While we are complimented with these scenes of marvelous period pieces, we are ousted back to 2002 to witness the slow unraveling of Julie Powell. A post 9/11 cubicle worker who decides to, as an ex writer, blog to everyone Julia Child’s recipes in one year, with her mental anguish and triumphs becoming a part of public knowledge. Powell played with a concentrated narcissistic focus by Amy Adams, Streep’s new buddy from “Doubt”, holds up almost the entire end of her film. Not only is Powell’s integrity at stake if she doesn’t manically finish this project, her marriage just may be as well.

            While the movie is quite beautifully shot and acted, I found slow points here and there. Not because lack of fascinating acting, but perhaps the long run time of the film itself. This may be less a NerdBastard’s type of movie, but if you’re into the art of superb acting this may be a film to invest in.

            Meryl Streep, the Queen of the Oscars, most certainly will get yet another nod under her skirt, while the former “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Adams, keeps knocking homeruns out of the park. Flipping between the joys of “Enchanted” to the…Well doubt, in “Doubt”, Adams is herself; quickly rising into a protégé of Streep’s caliber… One Streep may have never wanted.

            And just as quickly ascending Mulholland Drive to the top of Hollywood, to enter the Mayan temple and use her bullwhip to swing the gaps and outrun the rolling wrecking ball with her very own golden statue….

Movie B…..Acting A

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