Warning: This video is so awesome it will make you shit your pants. Its a Funny or Die song about what Joes and Cobras do after dark. The concept is simple and amusing in its own right but its execution is by far the slickest thing you have ever seen. One of the greatest creations ever! Not only is it musically one of the sweetest things you will hear all day, if anything it could have used more clarinet but this is also successfully more accurate to the original 2 dimensional cartoon than the 100+ million blockbuster. The video isn’t by any means hilarious but it will give you a good chuckle. Yes it does officially prove that the Dreadknocks rock but what makes this video extraordinary is the share bemusement of its star studded cast. Check this out……
Alexis Bledel as Lady Jaye
 Billy Crudup as Zartan
 Zach Galifiankais as Snow Job 
 Tony Hale as Dr. Mindbender
 Vinnie Jones as Destro
 Joey Kern as Tomax and Xamot
 Chuck Liddell as Gung Ho
 Julianne Moore as Scarlett
 Henry Rollins as Duke
 Alan Tudyk as Shipwreck
 Olivia Wilde as The Baroness (Giggity, Giggity)
How did this awesome cast happen? I dunno but its makes you wonder what might have been if these fine folks were cast in G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra. Kudos to the folks that made video. It’s so good its as if the word awesome busted a nut on every G.I. Joe fans face. Thankyou!
toplessrobot via funnyordie

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