Inglourious Basterds wants to make you move, because your standing still. The Inglourious news keeps pouring in for inevitabley perpetually cool flick which the THR was just stated as saying;

Finally, a Twitter effect that benefits a movie instead of hurts it.

After lukewarm tweets from Friday screenings caused weekend drops for pics like “Bruno” and “Funny People” earlier this summer, “Inglourious Basterds” came along this weekend and rode a crest of tweeting goodwill.

The movie held fast after its $14 million Friday to finish at $37.6 million for Quentin Tarantino (it was his biggest opening ever, though “Pulp Fiction,” came out in an earlier, slower-rollout time) and, to the delight of media everywhere, provide plenty of fodder for a Harvey victory lap.

Which means what the French would call a certain…I don’t know what. 

Nail the spike for the rest of the article…And let the Glourious success of a bunch of Basterds wash over you!!

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