Halloween 2 Review

No one was more excited to see Halloween 2 more than me! I thought Rob Zombie’s reimagining of the story was brilliant and compelling less involvement of creative ways to hack people up and more on developing the back story of the child turned monster. I wish I could say the same about 2…

            If Michael is supposed to be more of a human in this installment and not some ghost/zombie then how he survived being shot in the face several times at the end of part one is beyond me. I was shocked at how straight Zombie played part 1 and this one was much more dirty, shaky and confusing in the same light as the brilliant House of a Thousand Corpses. The story is very simple, Michael’s sister Laurie is alive, somewhere, far away, and Michael still wants to kill her. She is tormented daily by nightmares, while awake or asleep, of her brother coming to finish the job. The nudity is slight in this film, and the body count is piled high. I mean higher than normal slasher flicks, but all executed with a vicious, ferocity that carries with it a chillingly graceful realism that makes you almost think your watching a real murder. His stabs are wild and numerous, in one scene he stomps a mans face in, and even though he is very dead, Myers continues to stomp and stomp…and stomp, until his victim’s face is nothing.

            Something I need to take umbrage with here is the Rob Zombie’s constant need to fill a needless role with Sherri Moon, his wife. Playing “Baby” In 1000 Corpses, she was a sexy, murderous psycho. Proving herself again in Devil’s Rejects. In the same way Judd Apatow fits Leslie Mann into EVERY one of his films, Rob seems to put Sherri in them all, playing Michael Myer’s mom in Halloween 1 and playing nearly the same role as Jason Vorrhee’s mother in this installment. She is now an undead visage fucking with Michael’s mind, her advice? Bringing the family together again by killing his sister, basically, an empty role that could have trimmed the fat of this flick had he not thrown her in.

            As amazing as part one was to me, I was disappointed and kind of bored this time around. 2 ½ stars outta 5 for me on this one. There being too much of the rapid fire scene/clip cuts, showing you what insanity is like, instead of the actors portraying the madness itself. With the contemporary uniqueness of 1000 Corpses, it got away with the campy, gritty, 1960’s carnivelesque madness with a dash of Chainsaw Massacre and became a beloved film of mine. This film had a formula from part 1, Mr. Zombie should have stuck with it, and the film would have fucked shit up!

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