So girls and bastards here is your Trailer for “Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day”…  I was literally the LAST person to see the first one, and people nearly shat on  a turtle when I told them I liked it…LIKED? LIKED!!?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN LIKED?!?!? YOU DIDN’T LOVE IT?! HOW  COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT?! SIT DOW-NO! SIT DOWN,WE’RE WATCHING IT AGAIN!

Yes, there are people in my life that act that way. I thought it was incredibly decent, and maybe the 2nd will not sell out and just amp up what you liked in part 1…SO I’m guessing if you loved the first, you should adore the newbie.. but someone who doens’t know the Saints from the Smurfs…This may fall flat, back in time, to when the Matrix ruled all.

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