Who would have ever thought that Inglourious Basterds dodged a controversial bullet in Germany and beat it’s way to Quentin Tarantino’s biggest German hit? THR reports;

According to figures released today by distributor Universal Pictures, “Basterds” German boxoffice has topped €8 million ($11.4 million) with more than 1 million tickets sold.

That compares to a €7.4 million take for “Kill Bill Vol. 1” back in 2003

You would think that Germans wouldn’t want to still be seen in the same light as the villains nearly all video games and war movies have made them to be. QT was on the Howard Stern Show promoting the film a few weeks back and when faced with that question responded that ” 3rd generation German’s love stories of tearing down the Reich almost as much as Americans, what with it being such a black mark on their countries history.” (Quote is not precise)

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