All right. So I’m a pretty vulgar guy that will stomach anything the internet throws at me. Chicks dootin’ into a glass and eating it? My physician prescribed me 2 doses of that every 8 hours. A guy using a mason jar as a stool? What? Was that guy spying on me? He stole my idea! Naked Asian midget with Down’s toilet seat amputee porn? I’m still in the developing stages of that one… this for some reason doesn’t sit right with me, but hear me out anyway. Apparently you can have your very own re-usable Pokemon maxi pad thing. Look at those wings… I wonder if I can teach it Fly? This was brought to my attention via Destructiod.com and I dove deeper, as I usually do with things regarding high tide at the Red Sea, to find the site where you can learn how to make your own pad (thanks Kotaku!). If I had a vagoo, I would totally make one with a target on it, so I could try to work on my menstrual marksmanship.

Here is the link to make your own: EWWWWWWWWWWW. Cooties.

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