Bricks are appropriate. by Jaime Margary.

My god, this is scary as hell. I will never look at Mario Brothers the same again or rather Piranha Plants the same again. Hell I always thought these fire ball spewing plants were harmless creatures that just had a fear of plumbers. Heck they live in sewer pipes…shouldn’t they want to defend their home from pesky plumbers? I digress. See as harmless as I thought these guys are, the magnificently talented Jamie Margary thought otherwise. Using wire, clay and acrylics, he constructed his vision of what a Piranha plant from Super Mario would look like in real life and it’s terrifying. I mean holy waffles, this thing is going to haunt my dreams for the next week. As evil looking as it is I must say it’s pretty freaking cool. Jamie gets a thumbs up from us.



source slashgamer via destructoid

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