Box Office Hypothesis…

So the tallies are in (Kinda), and it appears that ZombieLand has shredded its way up to number one, knocking down 2 week champ CWACOM….As well as the Re-re-re-re-release of ToyStory1&2 3-D EDITION!!!!!(I’m using echo effects on the word edition). Here is the skinny from THR:

Sony grabbed the two top boxoffice rungs Friday, as action comedy “Zombieland” stalked an estimated $9.4 million in its first day and the distributor’s leggy 3D animated feature “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” served up $3.7 million.

The “Zombieland” tally was on the lower end of prerelease expectations, with the Woody Harrelson starrer now challenged to reach a forecasted range for its opening of $25 million-$30 million. But “Meatballs” looks headed for another meaty session and totes cumulative domestic boxoffice of $69.3 million through 15 days in release.

Unfortunately, the Drew Barrymore directed “Whip It” starring the, growing hotter by the day, Ellen Page, roared into a a patch of gravel…Sadly making this cute, dulled razor sharp,girl power, chick-chic flick into 6th place. Possibly developing a cult status for itself, but…Probably not.

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