While not BREAKING news, this is massive in the world of our Vampire NB’s. And Vampire news is extremely important. Christine and myself are huge fans of the works of Anne Rice, and I’m a major True Blood junkie. Yes, I will admit, Vampire shows and movies and Hot Topic products are suffocating all of us. Even the (no pun intended) die hard fans are getting feelings of vilification towards their beloved groove, so it is a nice blast of blinding, white sunlight to a Vamp’s open coffin to hear this news.

Dracula: The Un-Dead is the work of Dacre Stoker the great grandson of guess who? Bram Stoker! 112 years ago in 1897 the original Dracula was published, and on this past tuesday, October 13th 2009, the LONG awaited followup was released at bookstores everywhere and here at Amazon. Although I have yet to read it, I am extremely excited and while I occasionally read books to review, me or Christine will have a something for you guys to read soon enough.

It is garnering warm reviews and has a cool plot line, taking place 25 years after Dracula “Crumbled into dust.” I also think that the idea of a family member taking up the torch in the same vein as JRR Tolkien’s lineage, is a much classier way to write in the footsteps of a legend. At this rate, we will have a trilogy by 2121!!

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