New Extended Sherlock Holmes Trailer

I know where I’ll be X-Mas day! I don’t care how much of an action packed comedy this movie has evolved into, I’m psyched for anything Robert Downey Jr. is involved in. Also on a side note this vehicle is a peculiar change of pace for Guy Ritchie’s usual cool caper films…Anyways, this is a brand spank of a trailer and extends upon the last one, with a martial artist Sherlock, a wonderfully dry Jude Law as his dear Watson, and the crystal clear sparkle in the eyes of the smokin’ Rachel McAdams.

They have taken this film into such a different realm for the Sherlock Holmes franchise and made it extremely cool and fun looking, considering the old bore fest that was the black and white “Hound of the Baskervilles”…

Watch for when they both pull their hats off and strike a pose…Worth the price of your admission by itself.

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