Nicholas Cage Is That Damn Good has caught my eye. Brought to my attention, I was ROLLING over this post. Not everyone can be a Nicholas Cage fan like myself, some cynics out there have gone so far to make a hilarious template based on Cage’s interchangeable performances. After the jump is an extremely clever and fun poke at Mr. Cage, while I don’t agree (Completely) with all their opinons, I couldn’t help but find this unique.

  • Nicolas Cage is an Oscar winning Hollywood movie star who abruptly quit acting at the height of his abilities.
  • He has starred in dozens of films since that time.
  • Cage is one of the youngest actors ever to enter the “Seriously, I Don’t Give a Shit” stage of his career. And while actors like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro have perfected the art of phoning-in a performance, nobody has quite matched Cage’s ability to make us wonder if he’s fucking with us.
  • Post giving a shit, Cage films are plotted in much the way burritos are ordered at Chipotle. By choosing different combinations from a small, fixed menu, Cage has been able to release an endless variety of barely different films.
  •  The Nicolas Cage Movie Plot Generator

    (Thanks to Haley for the tip!!)

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