Sesame Street Superheroes Do Exist

Sesame Street, as we all know, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this week. And I know Sesame Street probably does not fit very well with the Nerdbastards motif…however, what if I told you that Sesame Street has two superheroes of its own? Then would you consider allowing a post about Sesame Street…I was hoping you would. Because whether you like to admit it or not, at one point in your sorry lives, Sesame Street was one of your favorites. You know it was so there is no point denying it!…So, I bring you a small clip of Super Grover AND Super Elmo!!! You know they are the superhero role models you always wanted to grow up to be. Happy 40th Sesame Street and good luck to the two Sesame Street Superheroes that need some serious help!!

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