Binary Love


Love & marriage inspire some of the nerdiest stuff to be found on the web. I’m sure my new husband (and card carrying video game supergeek) will wish we’d run across this little gem of a Wedding Invite in time for our nuptials. Artist Carla Berrocal will capture your retro-gaming heart with the pixely bride and groom. I know you’re translating that binary conversation right now, right?

Oh, and if you’ve never seen the nerdiest marriage proposal ever, you’ll want to see this. The groom hacked into the girlfriend’s video game and created an entire area for her to explore..get this…filled with their memories. Pure romantic gold! In fact it is so sugary sweet, you might get cavities just watching.

I sure hope that girl dresses up as Princess Leia (yeah, the metal bikini version, of course) to thank her new fiance!

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