Jason Segel is the man.  He plays with puppets in his spare time, writes stupid songs, and even hops on stage with Maroon 5.  He’s constantly underestimated and rarely outdone.  I love this goofy bastard.  Let me tell you why.

-He’s the world’s #1 supervillain.

-He wrote and starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where the nerd got the girl… and lost her.  But then he got a hotter girl.  And he was completely nude in one scene.
-It was pretty big.
-He wrote the upcoming Muppet movie, called The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made (Men who can get a job on children’s programming after a nude scene > you.)
Freaks and Geeks.  Hello0000.
-He was in Dead Man on Campus which is the funniest and most underrated movie ever.
-This amazing clip of him and NPH singing the confrontation song from Les Miserables.

-He plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother.  Everyone on that show is a nerd of awesome proportions.  Even ladies’ man Barney Stinson has a life-size Stormtrooper in his apartment.
-Forgiving and kind-hearted, Jason was able to overlook The Brown Bunny and date Chloe Sevigny anyway.
-He reminded Paul Rudd just how good it feels to “slappa dat bass”.

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