Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He boasts a bad-ass resume creating artwork for Dark Horse, Fantagraphics and now Bethesda (Fallout 3) and he’s reputably one of the gaming industry’s most sought-after Concept Artists. Awesomely, Adam Adamowicz is blogging these days, unpeeling the layers of his process from reveals of his sketchbook pages and morning commute drawings to watercolors, cardboard sculptures and of course robots and monsters, monsters, monsters.


Perhaps his many years of handling the odd jobs an artist must endure  — “driving an icecream truck, building haunted houses, fabricating window display sculptures, to apprentice tattooing, and yes, as a cake decorator for a bakery specializing in erotic cake designs” — informs the hours he spends creating worlds we drool over. Go take a look at what Adam is serving up over at his blog…and here’s one more sketch we can’t resist posting:


Go Grandpa!

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