Now with Black Friday behind us, Christmas is coming swiftly and there are even more goodies toget your grubby little Bastard paws on. So here is the sequel to some of the other holiday lists we’ve posted…Tread carefully for I lead you into temptation. Starting off with the elusive TaunTaun Sleeping bag (FINALLY fucken available), seen above, see more after the jump.

Super Mario Chess Collector’s Edition Sick of your Lord of the Rings Chess set? If you can get this puppy by Xmas day you’ll be making the person dream of Sub-Con.

Pon Farr– Finding yourself in the heat of the moment, about to hit up an alien cantina or Starfleet Academy Dormitory, this Vulcan perfume for chicks is a hot X-mas item that would make even Spock erect with envy.

Bio Shock 2 Big Daddy Ultra Deluxe Action Figure– I can Base this beauty on experience because I own it. The picture as cool as is, does it no justice. This is no less a toy than a work of art.


8631411 Front Large

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote With Color Touch Screen…Whew, thats a mouthful. And this remote packs a whollop, controlling up to 15 A/V devises up to 5,000 brands. The Holy Grail of remotes.

Assassin’s Creed 2- While all you guys are obsessing with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Another great game) AC2 has blown away it predecessor in every way from combat to accessorizing to plotline. Get it for Xmas and you won’t see him until after the New Year.

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