Evolution of a Cylon

"Evolution of the Cylon"

Where did the Cylons come from? SyFy writes that QuantumMechanix shows us the evolution in this new poster to celebrate the upcoming “Battlestar Galactica” prequel series “Caprica.” After buying this, you’ll think twice before putting that Pop-Tart into your toaster.

After the jump, check out a few other “Battlestar Galactica” goodies to round out your holiday gifting list — or your own wish list.

For your love:

If an overplayed holiday display of affection is your thing, ask your favorite person to marry you with this Centurion ring from ThinkGeek. If they refrain from rolling their eyes and screaming, “What the hell is wrong with you?” you know they’re a keeper.

Centurion ring from ThinkGeek

Centurion ring from ThinkGeek

For your BFF:

Because you’re a schmuck and didn’t plan for the engraving time, this will have to be a New Year’s gift. Since they’re your best friend, they’ll understand. The only thing that would make these personalized dog tags from QuantumMechanix any better is if you ordered a set for yourself, too. Friends forever!

Personalized dog tags from QuantumMechanix

Personalized dog tags from QuantumMechanix

For your cubemate:

You don’t really like this person, but you know you should do something nice for them since they give you all their spare baseball tickets. Do the sneaky thing and give them this set of “Battlestar” propaganda posters from the SyFy store. There are five of them, so if they don’t have enough room for all of them on their side of the cube, some might migrate over to your workspace. Win!

Propaganda posters from SyFy

Propaganda posters from SyFy

For the best person in the world – you:

After opening your heart and your wallet for others, it’s time to get yourself a little sumpin’-sumpin’ (I can’t believe I wrote that). You probably won’t have much money left for this, but if you’ve got a trust fund, you definitely should scoop up this life-sized Centurion robot. Remember the giant Darth Vader that the Sharper Image used to sell before they went bankrupt? Yeah, this will go along nicely with that. Set up a scene and pose them together!

Life-sized Centurion robot from SyFy - woman not included

Life-sized Centurion robot from SyFy

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