Gah! WTF is this garbage? If you just had a bad day then expect it to get  a lot worse. That is, if you listen to the closing credits of James Cameron’s upcoming “Avatar”. (Video after the jump) The song entitled “I See You” which is sung by “Leona Lewis” is Cameron’s sad attempt to recapture the success of Titanic’s Celine Dion theme song “My Heart Will Go On”. I’m sorry but for the people who are defending James Cameron’s 500 million, live action adaptation of “Fern Gully” there is no excuse for this. Ugh, after sitting through a 3 hour movie about Smurf’s this the last thing I want to hear. Pure audible diarrhea. For you folks that think this is beautiful and mirrors the story well then good for you. The rest of us will continue to shake our fists in a furious anger.

The Avatar soundtrack will be released December 15th (December 14th internationally) and is currently available for pre-order at AvatarScore.com . Avatar hits theaters everywhere on December 18th.

source via slashfilm

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