Custom Predator Motorcycle


Holy Fuck is this awesome! Can you imagine driving down the street in this bad boy? You would be the one biker that would be exempt from being called a FAG (that’s a South Park reference folks, please don’t yell at me).

The bike was built at Pitstop Motors in New Jersey. It’s a fully functional machine, but the owner reported that he earned two tickets on the motorcycle’s maiden voyage — thanks to people holding up traffic while looking at the bike. Pitstop Motors has made a number of other theme bikes, including a black themed Spider-Man bike, acyberpunk bike, and a dragon bike.

You can check out the pictures and video below, and find out more information about the Predator bike over at Super Street Bike.

source via geektyrant






PITSTOP VIRTUAL TOUR!!! from Xris Xtreme on Vimeo.

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