scifiwire.com caught up with director James Cameron for an exclusive interview in which he discuss’s the negative fan buzz surrounding Avatar. He says he is well aware of what fans have been saying.
“All anyone has seen is the 25 minutes of various scenes we showed at Comic-Con—and that’s not the movie! How can fans judge it by that?” He goes on to defend Avatar which is set on the planet of Pandora and it’s tall, blue skinned inhibitants the Na’vi as well as the human-engineered “Avatars”. “I set out to make a film that’s like the stuff that played on the projection screen of my mind when I was a teenager, informed by science fiction,” Cameron says. “And I wanted to do original stuff, all those creatures and landscapes and plants and animals that I’d been drawing and noodling out over some 20 years. And fans really love this kind of depth and detail, so when I began Avatar I really put a lot of energy and focus into a sense of completeness in detail of the world, for that very reason.” He goes on to say : If fans are “disappointed” with the film’s blue alien race, Cameron stresses that “I wasn’t going for the alien. I wasn’t going for the ugly and strange. I was going for something that’s an expression of beautiful human movement in the film. They symbolize the best of us in the way the film works subconsciously, which I feel is aspirational. What they really are is a heightened sense of ourselves and what we could and should be.” He closes his thoughts by saying that he’s very confident the Avatar haters will get it and enjoy it “If I can just get ’em in the damn theater, the film will act on them in the way it’s supposed to, in terms of taking them on an amazing journey and giving them this rich emotional experience”.

Here is a less than short open letter from us here at nerdbastards in regards to Cameron’s statements. (after the jump)

Dear Mr. James Cameron

We would first like you to know that we love all your previous work. We think you are one of the finest directors of our time. However, we have some choice things to say to you in regards to recent comments you’ve made in defense of your upcoming, EPIC film “AVATAR”. Fans have been vigorously paying attention to all things “Avatar”. After all this is supposed to change the way we watch films and be the most important film of the decade (your words Mr. Cameron). As you know fans haven’t been responding too well to what they have seen in the trailers and what they have read on the net. You say “”All anyone has seen is the 25 minutes of various scenes we showed at Comic-Con—and that’s not the movie! How can fans judge it by that?” Well Mr. Cameron, although it is not fair to judge a book by it’s cover we are in the right to form opinions on what we have seen and read. It’s simple, we either don’t like or are extremely nervous with what we have been presented with thus far. By all means we want Avatar to be everything that you are promising it to be. We are not beating up on the film just for sake of having something to bitch about. Let me quickly highlight some of issues we have, starting with the story. The story of Avatar, from what we have been told  mirrors that of the 90’s cartoon flick “Fern Gully: The Last Rain Forest”.


Not to digress but correct me if I am wrong but when you approached the studio execs for funding didn’t you refer to your project as live action ‘Fern Gully”? Though I’m sure Avatar won’t have a first class smoke monster played by Tim Curry the story of forest inhabitants fighting to save their home from threat has been done before, it’s not original. I mean good god you even copied the films love story of a misguided hero fighting for the wrong team who then learns the error of his ways by falling in love with one of the rain forest inhabitants to which he then changes his allegiance . If Fern Gully is an unfair comparison should I mention the similarities in the 1959 novel “Call Me Joe” by Poul Anderson? Whether the comparisons to that book or countless similar films were coincidental or not we are just pissed that you have claimed this movie to be something original, nothing we have ever seen before when it is not. If you are referring to the visual splendor that Avatar is sure to be then ya, we are expecting it to be revolutionary. No one is really bitching about the visuals which look pretty awesome mind you (can’t wait for the 3D) but we are a little perturbed by one aspect of your CGI masterpiece, the aliens of Pandora, the Na’vi. We weren’t expecting anything like “Aliens” or “Predator” for your Alien race but we were hoping for something a little less smurfy. You say “I was going for something that’s an expression of beautiful human movement in the film”. That’s all well and good but the Na’vi look like cartoon characters, so much so that it detaches us from appreciating what you are trying to present.

neytiri(The Dreads means she’s sexy)

These blue cat people are so damn distracting. It’s like you convinced yourself of that human connection when you were subconsciously thinking of cute and cuddly, which make for better toys. By the way, the Avatar action figures are by far the shittiest movie based action figures I’ve ever seen. You spent 4+ years on this flick, you think you would have taken the time to get a toy company to make a decent looking action figure. My god man these are doomed to spend an eternity in the discount aisle.

review_avatar1_1(Avatar Action Figure)

Speaking of things to nit pick at which is something I’m trying not to do but I’ve suddenly been reminded of some other Avatar crap that hit the net a few days ago and mentioned right here on nerdbastards. I am referring to the “Avatar” theme, the song “I See You” sung by artist Leona Lewis. Dude, what the hell is this garbage? I don’t want to call it audible diarrhea because it is a beautiful song but it’s terribly generic and I might add rip off, in it’s presentation of Celion Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. This song alone is evidence of something else that has us up it arms, the fact that you are completely delusional and unrealistic. You are under the impression that Avatar will be the next “Titanic”. You fail to realize why Titanic was a success. Besides having one of the longest theatre runs in history, Titanic appealed to a mass audience, something everyones mother, father and grand parents wanted to see. Look a scifi/action flicks target audience is quite frankly nerds. We appreciate your attempt to make a film normally reserved for a select demographic and try to sell it to the masses but mainstream America isn’t as excited about this flick as you might imagine. I guarantee my 70 year old grandmother has no interest. If I tell her what a revolutionary 3D experience this movie will be I’m pretty sure she would say “What’s 3D”?

old_lady(Do you think this old lady “not my grandmother” wants to see Avatar?)

In this aspect the expected success is going to fall short of your hopes. Whether Avatar makes a few million dollars less than expected is really nothing to bitch about. Listen man you have hyped the shit out of this movie and set the expectations so high that you have come off pretentious. God forbid we fear that Avatar might not deliver as promised but time will tell.

Look James, may I call you James? Regardless of reservations some of us have we are going to see your movie, we will probably get our $11.50 worth and who knows maybe you might impress us non Avatar apologist most of all. Thank you for you time. If you keep making movies, will keep watching them.

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