Those gosh-darn Muppets — they’re at it again! The Muppets recently churned out awesomeness like their version of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and now they’re taking on the Christmas classic, “Ringing of the Bells” (also known as “Carol of the Bells”). You’re probably most familiar with the song as being in “Home Alone” (soundtrack by the great John Williams!) or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version being played on Christmas music stations incessantly.

The latest Muppet video shows Swedish Chef, Beaker and Animal singing the Christmas classic a capella in the snow. Of course, Animal gets ideas of his own on how to improve the performance, and everything naturally goes awry.

This was just released on YouTube late last night, so we’re among the first nerd sites to bring it to you. Enjoy! Meep meep!

Thanks to @MuppetsStudio for continuing to let the public know that the Muppet legacy is alive and kicking!

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