Even though I hear Great things…This Pic makes me wanna drink

Who would have thought that before a film is even released there would be…Drumroll……..An Avatar Drinking game?!?!? Well it has been devised, and I’ll tell ya, its pretty hilarious. And if theres any truth to it, you will be shit faced by the time the credits get a rollin’. Here are the rules as Jay A. Fernandez-

1) Take a shot every time you see a visual or verbal reference to a previous Cameron film (especially “Aliens”).

2) Take a shot every time you see a machine or action scenario that echoes and then obliterates the creations of George Lucas in any of the six “Star Wars” films.

3) Text O’Reilly, Beck and Hannity every time there’s a blatant, gleeful backhand thrown at fanatical militarism, craven corporatism or historically tragic American imperialism.

4) Take a shot each time you get a whiff of the racial/ethnic/gender analogies playing out in the storyline and character associations. (In all likelihood, Cameron didn’t intend these, but it sure is fun to theorize anyway.)

5) Take a shot/sip whenever you feel yourself watching a giant infomercial for conservation and environmentalism. (Bonus chaser if your mind flashes to the Indian-shedding-a-tear ad from the Seventies.)

Also with my ear to the source, I understand, Run, don’t walk, out of the theater at the end before the song for the credits begin…It will make you long for Celine Dion

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