There are times, very few mind you, that I am willing to admit that I am wrong.  I was very cynical and very judgemental about what I thought Avatar was going to be.  If you have been reading my posts you may remember this little gem. Well, I have never been more happy about being wrong as I am with what the final product of Avatar turned out to be.  Rejoice Nerbastards there is a movie god and he has granted us Avatar. Forget what you think this film might be and just know that is will far exceed any expectations you have built up in your head.  Yeah I’m saying it!  Avatar did in fact blow my mind!


If you followed the films production or, at the very least watched the trailers and T.V. spots you kind of know the basic plot of the movie.  Sadly, this happens to be one of things I didn’t much like.  The whole allure of Avatar was the mystery of what it was all about.  It was shrouded in secrecy, then all of the sudden, we were nailed with a gluttonous amount of footage. So we know that Jake Sully(Worthington) is a wheelchair bound soldier that would give anything to walk again. As luck would have it he is given the chance when he becomes involved in the Avatar program headed by Dr. Grace Augustine(Weaver). We also know that the humans that now inhabit Pandora are there for one reason and one reason only. There is a very precious metal scattered throughout the planet and it is worth lots of sweet cash.  The humans will stop at nothing to get as much of it as they can. This would also include wiping out the Native population that happens to live above the richest deposit of this mineral. This leaves Jake in a battle where he must choose to either side with the humans or, become a Na’Vi warrior. Yes, you saw all that in the trailer. Bummer I know but, there is still more than enough plot to drive all the characters from beginning to end and enough surprises to keep you guessing! All of it was put together masterfully.

What I liked:

I could try my best to explain what I saw but, if there was ever a time where seeing is believing it is now. The visuals of Avatar are unmatched by ANYTHING you have ever seen in film PERIOD. Never is there even one moment you don’t completely believe what your seeing is real. Every blade of grass, every leave, every creature, down to every grain of sand is CG and it is done with a level of artistry that I can’t even begin to understand how it’s done. All I can do is marvel at it’s beauty.  So, that’s what I did!  Also, if you’re even questioning if you’re going to see it in 3D or, not, see this in 3D.  James Cameron wasn’t fucking around! The 3d is never in your face it’s a much more subtle effect, which I loved. Also, the depth that this effect created! Holy shit, the background just seemed to go on forever!  This new way to do 3D really is going open a whole set of doors of what can be achieved in film.  You have to respect that.

The acting for the most part was actually quite enjoyable. It has it’s moments that are sigh worthy but, most brought their A game to the table. I personally, loved Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch. He was as bad ass as they come. His war is the answer for everything attitude makes you just love to hate him.  Oh god, Zoe Saldana! Dare I say, that Neytiri beats out our favorite ring barer? I think she does.  I don’t know how much of Zoe is in the movements of Neytiri but, the combination of voice work, motion capture , and artistic merit that went into creating her was off the charts!  Okay, all the Na’vi and Na’vi human hybrids look act and move awesome Neytiri is by far the best!

Then there’s the story.  Although, much of the basic plot is spoiled in the trailers the overall story is as strong as it is simple.  You fall instantly in love with the Na’Vi and the Jake character.  You want the Na’vi to win so bad that when anything goes wrong you really feel the drama and conflict.  It just works. There is a lot of Native American metaphors, and environmental undertones to be had but, it was the right choice to not make the story too Sci Fi ish.  There is more than enough Sci Fi action  in this film to cure anyone’s hunger for nerdery!

What I didn’t like:

Honestly not a whole hell of a lot. There are two bad casting choices in this. Michelle Rodriguez and Joel Moore.  Both of them are weak sauce and they are not up to the challenge of pulling off their roles. It is a shame because if these rolls were given to better actors I couldn’t really find anything wrong with the film.  Miss Weaver is also a little stiff and I expect a lot more from her at this point in her career! There also was little drag at the beginning of the second act. Cameron had a lot of Pandora shit to explain and sometimes I felt like “okay I get it!”

I was almost always of the opinion that Avatar wasn’t going to be all that good.  I thought that the visuals might be pretty cool but, in no way did I ever think this would be a film that would stand the test of time.  Is this Camerons best work? I guess that one is debatable and a matter of opinion.  For me, this movie made me feel like a kid again seeing Star Wars for the first time! That speaks volumes to how good this movie is if it was able to do that to a jaded cynical moviegoer like me.  See this movie! James Cameron needs to make the studios money back because I sure as shit want to see Avatar 2!

5 out of 5

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