Avatar Slams Worldwide BoxOffice

Avatar has done what critics and Hollywood thought to be nearly impossible. It has grossed back over its half a billion dollar budget in nearly 13 days in combination with it’s overseas gross. A feat that many were pessimistic about. THR :

Director James Cameron’s mega-budget epic raised eyebrows with its overseas boxoffice staying power, grossing $145 million — a mere 12% drop from its opening weekend — from 14,844 screens. It did well in its second week in the U.S. as well.

The film’s offshore cumulative total stands at $405 million. Worldwide tally clocks in at $617.3 million.

Big Fucken Kudos! The film with its beautiful visual envelopment and huge 3D success may just totally annihilate how we normally viewd movies…Which I’m sure was Jim Cameron’s intent all along..The Scoundrel!!!

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