I am a Wrestling Geek/Nerd. Oh you didn’t know they existed? Well yes they do. And for full proof, I give you exhibit A and B, Slashfilm.com founder and Top 100 most influential people in Cinema Pete “Sky-Rettes” Sciretta and NerdBastard founder and maniacal sex addict Luke Gallagher were Video making/mask wearing/replica belt holding/Wrestlemania pilgrimming  fans! Myself? Never missed a Monday night RAW since its inception…There was a brief hiatus where I tried cutting it out of my life like a bad drug, but it calls to me like heroin.

So in the long line of Celeb guest hosts this past year such as Donald Trump, Ozzy, Seth Green, Jeremy Piven, Snoop, and Bob Barker the biggest guy…To wrestling fans anyhow, is about to host next week. Even non fans of WWF/WWE know who Bret Hart is. The demise on screen of his younger brother Owen, and the destructive LIVE on pay per, view-non script oriented fucking, of his career at Survivor Series. Holding the World Title, he was put in a submission hold and the ref immediately rang for the tap out…Even though Bret visibly didn’t tap…They ushered new Champ Shawn Michaels out of the ring, whether or not he knew of the ploy is still a mystery….But at the end of it all, an incredulous Bret Hart, spit into his billionaire bosses face…And 12 years later has never returned to WWE…

It has been announced that Bret Hart WILL be making his return as a celeb guest host at RAW next week. This is HUGE to us Wrestling geeks who mark out when we still here DX’s music, or hear that the leather and aging Hulkster may be showing up to cause some trouble….Will he scuff with Michaels? Or have they made up off screen? Maybe. Will he lay out Vince McMahon (scripted) for fan retribution???? Most Definitely.

Will I watch it? No fuckin question.

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