4This story and the accompying letter from the Smithsonian have been making their way across the net for many years but I still piss myself every time I read it.  The basic premise of it is that there is a man in New Jersey, of course, that digs up random things from his backyard or the neighbor’s trash and then sends them in to the Smithsonian claiming they are evidence of prehistoric man or aliens depending on which version of the letter you read.

Snopes.com states that the letter is indeed an internet joke.  I would still like to believe that it is real, in fact I think It am going to try it, just so that I can hopefully get a cool letter back proving how much of a dork I am.  There are actually a few things I would like some help identifying, I would take my leftovers from last night, meatloaf or so I was told, or pretty much anything my wife burns within the hellfire of the oven lovingly prepares and package it up.  I would be curious to see what the results of any testing they actually did would be.  I look at it myself and wonder what the hell it is.  The dog, who has been known to eat his own shit on occasion, won’t even eat her food whatever you want to call it.  I have seen roadkill that looked more appealing and it had to be more nutritious.  I would also be curious to see exactly what was in a fast food cheeseburger.  Those things scare me, I swear the one I had the other day had a tail.  I pay taxes and consequently part of their salary, they should have to do something for me in return, it would also help the environment, god knows how long that shit will last in a landfill.

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