Ahhh Kill IT!!! Avatar Makeup Tutorial

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Not since Star Wars: Episode One have I dropped my lunch, lost control of my bowels and starred aimlessly in horror. I warn you. What is seen in the video below cannot be unseen. Youtube user glowpinkstah or whom I like to call mouth breather gives us a tuturial on how to make yourself up as the Na’vi, blue skinned cat people from James Camerons Avatar. Her reasoning for painting herself is so that she can find her own sexy man in a wheel chair with skinny legs. Eh, I can’t blame her, food is easier to prey upon when it can’t get away. Before you go wishing death upon this poor girl or go breaking out the harpoons it should be noted this chick is NOT being serious or atleast so I’m told. Regarless of her attempt at humor this video makes my penis sad.

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