Top Ten Nerdy Ice Sculptures


Its cold seemingly everywhere right now. Even Florida is feeling it. So in the spirit of wimpy nerds sitting indoors on a chilly Saturday, I have compiled some nerdy ice sculptures for your viewing pleasure.

1. Who wouldn’t love living in an Ice Castle? You could fly around the world on your Ice Pegasus (wait for it…) all day, fighting Ice Dragons and come  home to your Ice Princess at night! A nerds paradise….because it has really fast internet.

2. For those of you who worship at the alter of your Blackberry for its awesome battery life, comfy keyboard and supreme ability to keep you from missing appointments or forgetting groceries…here is a lovely Ice Blackberry to behold on the Sabbath.

3. See? I told you there was an Ice Pegasus! “They sway’d about upon a rocking horse, And thought it Pegasus.” — John Keats. Oh, the life of an Ice Nerd. Now if only they made 20-sided d’Ice. Yes. You read that correctly.

4. Points go to the artist of this Scooby Gang Ice sculptor! They actually captured the cartoony look. Most of the hundreds of sculptures I looked at were in that more Cruise-Shippy style that looks great in ice. But this one is different. The Scooby Gang gets my vote for being different from the rest.

5. What certified, licensed, bonded card-carrying Official Nerd doesn’t love dinosaurs? This is actually a SNOW sculpture (and not a SNOT sculpture as my corrected typo would have you believe)…instead of an ice sculpture…but what’s the difference, really? I’m guessing somebody will tell us all in the comments.


6. For you purists who cringed at the snow sculpture above, wishing I’d been more technically true in the Ice Sculpture Dinosaur category, I give you the Flying Dinosaur Ice Sculpture…because I do not have official word that it is a Pterodactyl. Again, please discuss any issues in the comments section below.


7. This one is my personal favorite. The concept is just as good as the sculpture…which is pretty bad-ass whether you’re a nerd or not.


8. A cornerstone of the fantasy world: The Fairy. Wait? Who is that horrible man attacking her? Quick Ice Nerds! Get your Ice Swords, Hop on your Ice Pegasus and rescue this poor fairy from this monster!


10. Know what’s cool? Nope. You don’t cuz you’re a nerd. But you know what’s cool to NERDS! So here’s a hybrid for you…an Ice Drink Luge with a nerdy twist! So take my cue and drink up pirate-style tonight while you stay warm! “Bring me one noggin of rum, now, won’t you, matey.” — trom Treasure Island


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