"I'm not that innocent."

"I'm not that innocent."

We generally don’t get too cutesy ’round these parts, but I couldn’t resist this one for Nerd Cake of the Week. Normally, I think Hello Kitty is an annoying weenie who sucks the smarts out of little girls’ brains… hey, wait. This Zombie Hello Kitty cake probably would still suck brains if it rose from Undead Cakeland.

Look at her, just sitting there being all green and menacing with her dead eyes. How that bow is in such pristine condition is beyond me, because I’d imagine that she’s already caused a ruckus when she got hunger pangs.

Look, she even has flies, maggots and worms hanging around, eyeing that blood and pus oozing from her foot and other body parts.

I don’t think this cake is a recent creation – the blog hosting the cake photos hasn’t been updated since 2006 – but that doesn’t diminish its greatness as a cake worthy of undead worshippers. Um, people who worship the undead, not worshippers who actually are undead themselves. Nevermind.

To see more photos of the cake, click here.

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