8 Saddest Sci/Fi Fantasy Film Moments

Every movie has a conflict point…Just like every rose has its thorn?….Never mind that. I find that even the saddest scenes in a hardcore drama can affect you sometimes worse than real life drama. For example, In “Boys Don’t Cry” (Not on this list), Tina Brandon is raped by her friends when they find out he is a girl. Terrifyingly brutal. Even after you left the the theater it resonated so deeply, years later, the tuning fork vibrations of silently thunderous realism hit home too closely to an uncomfortable level. THESE movies are the moments in SCI -FI /FANTASY films that made you sad. To say that real drama is dramatic just screams of an easy tear jerk. I’m talking when a NerdBastard type film can get you moving, get the eyes all welled up, THAT, my friends, is brilliant work.

Not to say that these films aren’t kinda terrible (Lets face it, alot of them are, and we love them REGARDLESS of poor quality), because, well, they are a little. If an Ewok can make you sad. This is the site for you, and just the list to get you thinking.

8) Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith- “Execute order 66…” The beginning of the Jedi Massacre. It was a sad, sad day, seeing all the Jedi Masters betrayed and cut down. Just to end with, Darth Vader’s 1st real act of brutality…A room full of Younglings (Geekspeak: 5 year old Jedi Students), coming out of hiding for comfort from their older Jedi Knight, for him to…..Watch and weep.

7)Willow- Mad Martigans BFF and brother in arms Eric, fighting in the climactic battle against the forces of evil, meets his match…And loses…Against Kael. Mad Martigan promises to win the war for him….Unfortunately the scene was not important enough for a Youtube clip, LOL.

6)Clash of the Titans– Thalo, Perseus’s comrade in arms in the clash of the titans, 2:40 into the clip saves Perseus by throwing him his sword just to be cowardly back-stabbed by Calobos.Perseus after the battle, scurries over to his bud, to help him out to realize his sad demise.

5) Dragon Heart- The beautiful last dragon on earth,Draco, realizing the tyrant king cannot die without the his own sacrifice…In a moment of pure understanding, with just a look, makes the reluctant Bowen (Denis Quaid) into striking his heart…Where do they turn at that point??? “To the Starssh Bowen…To the Starssh”

4)Th Ewok Adventure Caravan of Courage– At the end battle with the 50 foot tall Gorax, the warrior Ewok Chukha-Trok single handedly takes on the beast himself with a hatchet. When Mase sends out his tiny, sparkly little fairy to get all up in his grill, he bashes the walls in anger and kills the Ewok with falling rocks. So technically, it was that bag of douche Mase’s fault.

3) Krull- Rell the Cyclops..The sad sad dude from Krull. His people made a deal with the Beast to give up one eye in exchange to see the future..Instead they were tricked and got to see only the day they would die…Sacrificing his life would be one of the saddest moments in the film.Its about 6:45 in….

2) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship- Gandalf has a showdown with a Balrog of Morgorth on a rickety old stone bridge to give the others time to escape. When he falls into dark and shadow, the others are  out in mourning within minutes. When Frodo Screams “NOOOO!!!” It stays with you until you see the Two Towers.

1) Neverending Story- Artax, Atreyu’s horse travels with him through the swamps of sadness. And as a 4 year old boy, watching a Horse get so depressed that it gives up on life was too much for to handle. I still can’t watch nor hear Atreyu screaming for Artax not to give up and sink into the swamp….

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