What a fucken Nimrod. Well that could quite possibly be the mutterings of fanboys worldwide when the Spiderman Reboot hits the streets..Nimrod Antal, the director of Predators, yet another in the remake charade, is being courted as the new director..Quiet Earth:

Sam Raimi met Nimrod on the Sony lot before his first US film, Vacancy. They clicked, so Sam hired him to direct Armored. Now, Predators is getting some great word-of-mouth around tinsel-town. Warners loves it and now  Sam Raimi and Sony want the director back at the studio to helm Spiderman.

Now brace your weak heart. The other piece of meat turning out of the rumor mill is Robert Pattenson stepping into  the webslinger’s tights…. WHAT WHAT???!!!! I bring this news along with io9’s intel that Pattenson had his abs spray painted on for Twilight! You hear that you preteen JERKOFF’S!!! HE DOESN”T LOOK LIKE THAT…What with his Easter Island Statue Head and sparkliness !! Their will be a lynch mob of Helmsdeep-like proportions of fanboys, trying to catch their breath and dropping their inhalers as Robert Pattenson is run out of town on a rail. We want our Vampires to combust in daylight, not glitter like Mariah.  If they want to do this right, with Peter Parker being back in school….I don’t care how gay I sound, and when I say gay, I mean HOMOSEXUAL…That Zac Efron, if all geeked up, could be Spiderman. in 17 Again, he did an outstanding job showing not just his acting ability but for a good display of tongue in cheek humor and timing. Also, he knows how to make fun of himself…Along with the rest of us making fun of him.

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