Awesome Craigslist Post: Starring Nerds


Please enjoy this craigslist post tearing down a skinny-jeans fauxhawk havin’ hipster. I would love to meet the chick that wrote the posting titled “To the hipster dude who did my lesbian roommate that one time” and features such nerd-adoring gems as:

“Despite my feminine appearance, I have a long history of having dated nerds/geeks. Some of them played table top RPGs, some were programmers, most of them were socially awkward. I am a nerd. I have mad nerd pride. I learn things for no good reason, think science is the coolest thing EVAR, sometimes snort when I laugh, and get the XKCD jokes.”

While you’re there, check out the whole list of “best of craigslist”. Good stuff.

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