One major problem I have with the movie industry is how they devise movie names. I mean seriously, there are time when I hear the name of a movie and thing to myself, that’s a pretty interesting name for a movie, and I think this is what its about…and then I go and waste 10 bucks to find out it was nothing what I expected and just wasted my time and money on something horrific. But then again, movie trailers do that same thing sometimes, or maybe I’m just stupid. Either way, I thought it would be interesting to give you some examples of how a few Sci-Fi movies have led me to believe they where about something completely different then what I imagined. And when you see the movie names, stop and take a guess first…then read what it’s really about…

Buckaroo Banzai

Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai– All I can think of is some little animated Kangaroo hopping around playing with little kids and teaching them life lessons. And it also gives the impression that this just may be some TV cartoon show that your children, or yourself, would wake up and watch every Saturday morning. However, that is not the case. Buckaroo is actually a brain surgeon, physicist, rock n’roll star and a racecar driver…all in one! And he mistakenly releases some messed up aliens due to a “gone-wrong” experiment.

Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange– When I look at this the only thing that comes to mind is an orange on crack. How is that even possible? I’m not quite sure, but my imagination is running with the idea. Just think for a second of a giant crack fiend orange rolling through the streets trying to get revenge for all his overpriced deals. Hey, it could happen…but then again maybe not. I shouldn’t even have to give you a summary of this movie because if you have not seen it, I’m disappointed, so go see it. But for now, here’s the real scoop-“Droogies” (watch the movie) beat people up and rape women. Alex (Michael McDowell) is arrested which leads to some crazy ass therapy…enter, some minor complications.

Fantastic Planet

The Fantastic Planet– Ahhh, the perfect place to live maybe? I’m thinking Caprica mixed with The Emerald City. My dream location. Sounds like a fantastic place to live, right? Well, maybe not so much…what its really about is some alien planet where humans are kept as pets. Simple, but not so fantastic if you ask me.


Them!-Who? What? When? Where? Why? Huh?…this could be taken in some many directions but all I can picture is a group of people all pointing in the same direction yelling THEM! I can’t picture who or what they are pointing at but I’m sure it doesn’t come close to what this movie is actually about…Giant Killer Ants…yes, you heard me right, a movie about ants. And I need not say anything more.

Logans Run

Logan’s Run– I’m going to switch to my sentimental side for a moment because when I hear this title I think: a documentary about some family that holds a special run in honor of their cancer ridden child to raise money to help find a cure. And now back to my serious side, the complete opposite and yet nowhere close to that idea. Really, it’s about people being killed off when they turn 30. So, old people don’t exist….or do they??

12 Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys-…jumping on the bed, one fell off and…enough! Another movie title that sparks my inner child imagination. So what can I say, I think back to my pre-school days where that rhyme was one of my favorites. Any-who, it’s really about some convict volunteer sent back in time (the wrong time may I add) to try and figure out the source of a deadly virus that supposedly came from monkeys.


Brazil– Humph…My mind wonders to downtown Framingham, and for those of you who have no idea where that is it is located in MA west of Boston. My hometown that unfortunately has been taken over by the Brazilian Immigrants. So that is what I think of when I see this movie title…but, what it is really about is a guy, Sam, who wants nothing more then to find the woman of his dreams and spend the rest of his life with her. However, mixed with some terrorist bombings, murder and danger, doing what he dreams of is somewhat more complicated.


Zaat– Isn’t that what the bug zapper sounds like on a summer night? It seems about right…honestly though, I bet you have no idea what this movie is about. Come on take a guess….ok, I’ll tell you. It’s about a mad scientist who transforms himself into a catfish (HAHAHAHAHA). He wants to get revenge on people and then tries to kidnap women and transform them so he can mate…….

Monster A Go Go

Monster a-Go Go– Wake me up before you go-go, Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo….good ol’ Wham! Just the thought brings back my young teenage years. So, I imagine a goofy looking monster (sort of like Lorne)…up on stage singing this song. In actuality, it is about an astronaut who crashes into a field on his way back to Earth and starts wreaking havoc, and then to find out the “real” astronaut is 7500 miles away. Bizarre, I know.

Number 10

Number 10– this is not a movie…just my point to show you how misleading a title can be. So I urge all of you readers out there to let me know what other misleading movies I have left out, since I am aware there are many more that could have appeared on this list.

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