It’s comes to no suprise that we here at Nerdbastards are big fans of “Mythbusters.” Well actually it may be a surprise to those of you who are new to the site, but just so there is no question, we would all like you to know that science, explosions and being able to shut ignorant people up by saying “Well excuse me good sir, but ‘Mythbusters’ says your dumb ass is wrong” make us fans of the show. Plus we are totally are in love with Kari Byron and a few of us, from what I hear, want to swing from Hyneman’s moustache.

Anyway, remember when they blew up that cement truck? Well a similar explosion happened in my pants — that is when I came across this fan-made “Mythbusters” poster on As if seeing a crazy-awesome poster of the “Mythbusters” crew done James Bond-style wasn’t enough, highlighting the sexy Kari Byron busted the myth that my dick don’t work (for some reason people like to attack my libido). Suffice to say Kari is looking fine. Take a better look:


Quickly mentioning the rest of the poster, I must say Adam and Jamie are looking ever-omnipresent, but Tory and Grant both look like they made dookie in their pants. I give made props to artist Chotney, whoever the hell you are. This is truly awesome. Please make more of these.

Again, this is just a fan-made poster and does not exist for purchase, which is a shame because I have a perfect place for it — on my ceiling, right above my bed.

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