Joe Garden, as reported before here on,  is picking up the pace and showing up in the press in some unexpected places. I was able to catch up with Joe (of The Onion fame) and get a few words about the campaign for this dark horse of the late night battle in his own words. Read on and when you’re done…I’ve got a treat for ya.

“Vote Joe was started when NBC announced that Leno was leaving Tonight and Conan was sliding into that vacancy. As someone who’s always loved Late Night, and as someone who is tangentially involved with entertainment, we (being myself and my friends Jeff Perry and Chris Pauls) decided that I would throw my hat into the ring and try to land the seat for Late Night. I mean, Conan got it, and he wasn’t exactly a tried and true television personality.

More than anything, it was a good excuse for friends to collaborate and come up with some stupid comedy. So we made a run for it, but never really giving it the commitment we could have. When they announced Jimmy Fallon was going to replace Conan, we just released a statement and packed it in.

Then this Tonight-Jay Leno Show kerfuffle went boom, and people kept asking me about it. And I realized that history had not passed me by. Well, it had, but it did a wide U-Turn and was passing by again, and if I wasn’t a dope, I could grab the reins and ride that fucker into greatness! Or at least a few more jokes.”

Little did Garden know, the press is eating this up and stories are popping up all over the internet, and ahem, especially on nerd culture sites where we know how to root for an underdog!
Click here for your reward…the Official Vote Joe Garden Theme Song! Its by Knuckel Drager and Joe announced the song’s official status on the Vote Joe Garden facebook page.

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