We are a little late in reporting this but for those of you that did not get wind of the big news last night, Spiderman has found a new director. In a official statement from Sony Films confirms that ‘500 Days of Summer’ director Marc Webb is set to helm not the fourth installment but instead reboot the franchise entirely. In fact it is said that he is locked in for a whole new trilogy. You can read the official press release at the end of this post.

It was just last week when we heard of the shocking news that Sam Raimi and crew got the boot. We honestly still can’t believe the driving force of one of the biggest franchises of all time got the ole’ heave hoe, but then again he did go and screw everything up with Spiderman 3. We still don’t know if the studio booted him because of the terror he caused with the latest script treatment (countless re-writes), or if the studio simply wanted to clean house of the high price-tag of the cast and crew from the original trilogy. Though we love Sam Raimi I can’t say we had much faith that he would redeem himself with the 4th film. We think it’s good news that the franchise is getting rebooted. Normally we would call shenanigans but with the news of Marc Webb directing we think the studio is taking things in the right direction. All we hope is that Tobey McGuire’s replacement isn’t Robert Patterson or Taylor Lautner.

Press Release from Sony:

CULVER CITY, Calif., January , 2010 – Marc Webb, the director of the Golden Globe nominated Best Picture (500) Days of Summer  will direct the next chapter in the Spider-Man franchise, set to hit theaters summer 2012, it was jointly announced today by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Written by James Vanderbilt, Webb will work closely with producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin in developing the project, which will begin production later this year.

In addition to two Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture (musical or comedy), his first feature film, (500) Days of Summer, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, has been nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Feature.  Webb was also awarded the Spotlight Award, which honors outstanding directorial debuts, by the National Board of Review.

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