Star Wars Memorabilia On Sale NOW

SW Cereal

How much does cereal go for these days…anywhere between 3-5 dollars…right? Ok, and when you buy it, you actually get edible food in a box…correct? Ok. So I guess my real question is; who would pay $130 for flattened cereal boxes…cereal NOT included? No one, I would hope. But, would you buy them if they had Star Wars Characters on the box? Possibly.

SW Soda R2d2

Or how about this…and I might actually pay for this myself…a do-it-yourself, turn-your- soda-can-into R2-D2.  LOVE IT! Only costs $40. I think its well worth it! And I would totally play with it at the dinner table.

I actually came across this website today while I was fishing for some interesting news. It’s called And what can be found here are Star Wars memorabilia / collectables. They’ve got a lot to offer from Dixie Cup Mail-Away Cards to Socks to Lip Balm to Bubble Bath. I’m telling you, anything Star Wars related could probably be found here. Give it look. Buy something.

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