Did you know that the creator titled the series Gin Tama just so that he can hope to hear high school girls mistakenly calling it Kin Tama, which means balls in Japanese. Distributor Section23 Films just announced recently that they will distribute Gin Tama, which was licensed by Sentai Filmworks, for its first DVD pack on April 27, 2010. Gin Tama is a series that follows Gintoki and other wacky characters, who lives in Edo period Japan that has been taken over by Space Aliens called Amanto. The manga has been licensed by Viz years ago and the anime has been streaming on Crunchyroll just last year.


I’m a fan of the series and it’s about time that the Gin Tama anime gets its due here in the states. I really do think the comedy will come off well since it pokes fun at other anime such as Dragon Ball and Gundam, as well as video games and more. Not too mention, it has its own fill of potty jokes, sex jokes, and other awesome jokes. What other anime is there that has an ex-samurai officer obsessed with mayonnaise, one ninja that loves S&M while another ninja has a hemorrhoid problem, and a weird white penguin thing that have hairy man legs? Check the series out on Crunchyroll to see how it is and to pay respect to the first series that had its heroine puke in Shonen Jump’s long history.

Link to announcement: animenewsnetwork

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