So it’s pretty much agreed the 80’s had killer toys, far better than the crap today. OK… the detail of today is far superior but, damn, 80’s toys were much more awesome because, well, reasons. This trip down nostalgia lane reflects not of the action figures themselves but rather their play-sets. Specifically the most rockin’, most wanted, and most expense play-sets of the time. Some had one, some had all, and to some had none

So on with it then. Here are the 10 Most Desired Action Figure Play-sets of The 80’s


Voltron: Castle of  Lions- What good was having Voltron if you didn’t have the Castle of Lions to defend. Lincoln logs and your imagination just wasnt the same.

Originally just the lions were released as toys and when you finally got them all you could assemble Voltron. After that, what was toy company Panosh Palace to do? Well to further capitalize on children’s imaginations and parents wallets the Castle of Lions was delivered. A bit of a spiffy and if I may add classy version of He-Man’s Castle Greyskull playset (see below) it featured gun turrets, a descending rope device that took your heroes to a shuttle for transport to the lions and a few other cool bells and whistles. Best feature was the tomb of King Alfor, Princess Allura’s father, complete with his ghostly image.


The Real Ghostbusters: Firestation– Had the Ecto-1 but not the Firestation to dock it in? Ya me nither. Damn, the lucky bastards who did.

The Ghostbusters Firehouse, headquarters was a remarkable playset. Primarily because it actually looked like the firehouse from the movie and cartoon. It’s workable fire pole, ghost cotainment unit and slime grate were pretty cool too. It’s funny how a simple thing like slime takes a toy playset from ordinary to extraordinary. Of course it’s the bane of every parents existence. Can never get that shit out of the rug. Thus the reason why many of us failed to own this glorious playset


Master of The Universe: Castle Greyskull– I’m actually kind of surprised how many He-Man fans didn’t have this, just a shame that is.

Perhaps the most terrifying playset of its day and perhaps the reason why every kid wanted it. Suppose many parents didn’t want kids to have it as it really wasn’t the playset you would want out when grandma comes over. Seriously the thing is a giant fucking skull. It’s bound to give any good bible toting woman an aneurysm. Ole’ Greyskull had a fair share of cool features; a elevator, trap door, draw bridge and so on but it’s front shell was all that was needed.


Thunder Cats: Cat Lair- Tell me you didn’t want to beat the shit out of your friend and take his Cat Lair away with you, running frantically.

Your Thundercat action figures had no home beside your shoe box, that is until the Thundercats Lair came along. For it’s time this was one of the most interative playset out there. On top of the cat’s swivel head was a light ray cannon that you could actually shoot at mutant vehicles, and vice versa. The lair also contained electronic sounds and movable claws that revealed secret battle stations. Alas for many of us the shoe box remained as Thundercat housing and playset.


Masters of The Universe: Eternia– Damn it’s ridiculousness and non-existence in the cartoon. This mega set trumped all the He-man play sets and was wished upon more than one star. Impossible to find and ridiculously expensive, no parent could fulfill their kids wishes.

Complete with three titanic towers, three levels and a vehicle that ran on a monorail it was the end all be all of the Masters of The Universe (MOTU) playsets. For the full effect of awesomeness one would have to take both Castle Greyskull and Snake Moutain and book end this bitch. Marvel at it’s glorious splendor but do not question the fatal design flaw. Why our heroes would have a train leading right to the heart of Snake Mountain will remain a mystery to me. Perhaps the prison on the Castle Greyskull side probably accounted for the lack of attention and intelligence of Skeletor’s warriors and hoped they would just ride on in.


Star Wars: Millenium Falcon- Had you not wanted this or were not jealous of those that had one then there is something wrong with you. Many beds were wet and many vegetables were not eaten in expression of revolt towards parents who would not aquire this for their little ones.

I know the Melinnium Falcon is techincally a vehicle instead of a playset, but the thing was big enough to be considred one. It had all the normal toy spaceship features; working landing gear, opening cockpit and lame laser sounds.  It’s storage compart was the perfect place to hide stuff. At the time candy, now its best used for hiding your stash of weed.


G.I. Joe Cobra Terror Drome–  If you owned this then I’m sorry to say it’s the only reason anyone was friends with you.

For 44.99 in 1986, you could be the proud owner the Cobra Terror Drome A multi-level battle station/base which featured gun turrets (what else), couple of vehicles, compartments and a retractable dome. Now the bad guys had a place to rest their heads, throw back a few cold ones and have the occasional orgy (I was a sick child) while Joe was chilaxin on an aircraft carrier. Speaking of aircraft carrier……..(further on down the list)

death star

Star Wars: Death Star: Much like Reese’s Pieces all any kid ever wanted was just a piece of the Death Star. Damn the parents who said “And what do you  need that for”? I dunno,  to play with,  asshole.

Should you have owned the Death Star Space Station playset all you probably have left of it is pieces (again with the Reese’s) because you and all your friends played with it until it was all but dust. And why not, the damn thing was flat out cool with it’s levels, trap doors, bridge (the bridge), elevator and wonderful, wonderful trash compacter.


G.I. : Defiant Space Shuttle- Screw the kid in the picture, if we couldn’t own this gargantuan craft nobody should.

G.I. Joe had by far the best playsets out of any toyline. Some big, some small, some expensive and some not so expensive. The Defiant Space Shuttle could be classed in the epic, wallet raping category. So much so that only a handful or rich buttholes got to own one. Regardless it was freaking awesome! It was a Space Shuttle, Space Station and rolling gantry all in one and had a shit ton of features and accesories, plus two action figures.


G.I. Joe: U.S.S Flagg -The biggest and baddest toy playset known to man. If you had this were a god and should be worshipped and have hordes of hot woman.

When you think of most desired playsets you will forever think of  the holy grail that is The U.S.S. Flagg. To this day I have yet to meet anyone that had or has one. I’m still not entirely sure it even exists. What makes this so infinitely awesome? Oh, I dunno maybe because it was a personal aircraft carrier that was seven-and-half feet long and could not only house several planes, the entire Joe and Cobra army but still have room left over to nap on. Oh did I mention that it also floats? This breathtaking marvel  had incredible detail, as displayed by the control tower, missile launcher, deck elevator, fuel truck and two vehicles. At $109.99 it was the most expensive G.I. Joe playset of it’s time. To own this bad boy now one must take a long and arduous journey to EBAY where you can offer an arm, leg and perhaps a few sexual favors to acquire it.

And that’s my list of the 10 Most desired action figure playset of the 80’s. What should have I included, what could have I left out? Also do tell us how awesome and fortunate you were owning one of these playsets or feel free to tell us how your parents were cheap bastards.

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