6_Inch_Warrior Dastan__scaled_100Images of the upcoming Prince of Persia figures has finally made its way to the internet and it doesn’t seem sand is included. McFarlane Toys has revealed that there will be 4″ and 6″ figures of the Prince and other characters from the upcoming Disney adaptation of Prince of Persia: “The Sands of Time.” Playsets will also be released for the 4″ figures while the 6″ figures will have a spring-loaded action that portrays the character.

4_Inch_Desert_Dastan__scaled_100In other minor news, we now know that the nameless prince has a name, Dastan. I don’t know how long time fans of the videogame series will feel about the name but I understand that he probably had to have one for the film. There’s no real release date but it’s safe to assume that it’ll probably be  release along side of the films release. I’m sure now, this will give s0me people the idea to recreate some scenes from Brokeback Mountain with a certain Joker figure.

To check out more images as well as a list of other figures from the film, go to toynewsi.

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