Working At A Hobbit’s Pace…

“No Time For Goodbyes He said..As he faded Away”….I’m sorry to be the messenger of bad news, which I’m sure you may have caught wind of by now, but Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Hobbit” has been in MY OPINION indefinitely delayed. The media is reporting a bump up of 2012 from 2011 but nowadays, that doesn’t account for shit. Variety Reports:….(And Via Geek Tyrant)

[Warners top dog Alan] Horn won’t predict when the first of the two Hobbit films will be out, but says the most probable scenario would be a release in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Look. I’m just familiar Del Toro’s modus operendi and that is, he is a lethal perfectionist. It may not be running behind because of technical difficulties, but of a big goofy director who gets super excited at creating (amazing) ghoulies, and creepy crawlies! I mean, he has Middle Earth under the Super Thick Lenses of his glasses! He can create a plethora of flaming, fiery badassery! Only problem is, it is a fact that Del Toro goes over the top. In Hellboy 2, in the Troll Market scene, he had created a massive monster that was to be flashed on screen for a mere few seconds, and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. The studio however thought it was too much money, thus, scrapping the creature feature.

This may be the only movie I am getting prickly about in the near future, unless of course a new Star Wars film rolls out of Lucas’s beard, however unlikely, so the longer the wait…Good God, they’re coming up with reasons!!

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