If you’re a murderer and in prison do you really get the option of fighting the system for your right to play D&D? Murderer and notorious dickhead Kevin Singer thinks so. (Via Oakland Tribune)

A man serving life in prison for first-degree intentional homicide lost his legal battle today to play Dungeons & Dragons behind bars.

Kevin T. Singer filed a federal lawsuit against officials at Wisconsin’s Waupun prison, arguing that a policy banning all Dungeons & Dragons material violated his free speech and due process rights.

Prison officials instigated the Dungeons & Dragons ban among concerns that playing the game promoted gang-related activity and was a threat to security. Singer challenged the ban but the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday upheld it as a reasonable policy.

Save Versus Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Fuckhead! Well first and foremost as a Gamer myself AND victim of having someone close to me murdered I think that this jackass should have little to no rights at having fun. Say it with me people, MUR-DER. It’s like being rewarded for doing the worst thing imaginable. Break it down. I don’t have work. I don’t have bills. All I have to do is eat, sleep, and play D&D with a bunch of buddies…Hmm…I don’t think that really is fair to the rest of society.

However, that really shouldn’t stop them. They could play an Ad-Lib game where they have no character sheets or dice and they just commit most of it to memory and keep it simple with the DM. And to determine fighting or rolls, the DM has them pick numbers between one and ten. Easy. Hopefully Singer isn’t that bright and won’t know he doesn’t need a grid or a DM shield to play a game. Just use the imagination.

If this was Krynn, this asshole would be hung, beheaded, or fed to the Grey Render.

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