When it comes to Dragon Ball, most people would just talk about either Saiyans or any of the three Z main villains and leave the human characters aside. But it wasn’t all like that, especially in Dragon Ball, and thats what this list will be about, to show that the Human race has their warriors that proved that they can stand on their own and put up a good fight. So let’s forget about the Broly’s and Super Buu-Gohan Absorbed and talked about Earth’s own fighters.

Master Roshi

big master roshi3Sure he was introduced as a perverted old man and wanted to get some puff-touch here and there, but when he first buffed up and did the Kamehame-ha, he got everyone’s attention at that point. Once the world tournament was brought in to the story, we got to see nothing but one awesome fight after another when the Turtle Hermit was in disguise as Jackie Chun to test the future generation to see if they can take his place. He proved to be a great teacher and would face danger if he has to.

General Blue


At a very young age (7ish, hey its that number again), Dragon Ball taught me that there were guys out there that does not like girls and would prefer other guys and because of that, my mom explained to me why is that. Of course, the real reason he is put on the list was that out of all the members of the Red Ribbon army, he was the strongest of them all. He could be consider the first villain in Dragon Ball that could very well kill Goku for good as long he used his Psychic powers, but then a small mouse comes out of no where and that leads to Goku’s victory…but he did show up later to fight again.

Mercenary Tao Pai Pai

tao01The fact that this man killed a man with his tongue alone is enough to be put on this list. Don’t let the pink clothes fool ya, he is a full blown assassin and will KILL YOU. To think that after Blue, Goku would face another opponent that would push him to limit, hell, everyone thought Goku died once he was hit by Tao’s Dodon-pa Ray but the lucky kid had his grandpa’s dragon ball in the right spot to save him. At least Tao knew how to make an exit by flying on a pillar he thrown into the air.



Top student under Crane Hermit, looked up to Tao Pai Pai, and snapper of Yamcha’s leg, Tenshinhan was a bad ass from the start…as long as you don’t count the filler that showed him and Chaozu as con artists. He went on to fight Jackie Chun and Goku and turn to the side of good and did his best to carry on the Martial Artist Pride. No matter the situation, Tenshinhan would do what he can and help as much as he could, even if he had to sacrifice his own life force to do it.



You may be saying why and how but when Yajirobe first showed up, he fought well against Goku and beat Cymbal as well as EAT him, I would say he had a pretty bad ass introduction. After that, he pretty much did show up when ever the Z Fighters needed Senzu beans. But  he did “cut” his way into the Vegeta fight and made an impact there.



The nose less warrior has gone through a lot, and in Dragon Ball, he really did shine when it came to the World Tournament. Sure, he may have not gone to the finals but he always some how  did something unexpected that gave hope that he may just win. He proved big time during the 23rd World Tournament with his fight against Piccolo and showed that he can stand on his own with a major villain. In DBZ, he had his moments to shine and hung on long enough to be put on this list.

Mr. Satan


Sure, he may not have any Ki attacks and have long, lame names for his generic physical attacks, but you can’t deny what this man did for the series. Mr. Satan debut during the Cell Saga, but during the Buu Saga, he proved why he deserves to be on this list. He showed that fighting isn’t always the answer and that by friendship, that it can change a person or even a monster. With that, Super Buu left him alive and in the end, with out Mr. Satan, Goku wouldn’t probably gotten enough energy to finish off Kid Buu.

With that, do ya’ll agree with the seven that are listed here or should another be on this list, why not comment and prove which other human character should be on the list, and remember, little green men defeated Yamcha before you make your argument for him.

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    7 Human Characters That Proved Their Worth In DB/DBZ | nerdbastards.com


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