Phantom Menace Reviewer Dissects Avatar

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Folks, you may remember a particular harsh and comical critic , Mike from Milwaukee, who dissected and basically tore, NO, ripped apart Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace with his 70 minute review. (if you haven’t seen it google it, watch it and get back to me) Well the fuckers back. This time he is here to say his piece on James Camerons AvatarThe 18 minute video is a little less elaborate than his SW: Episode 1 TPH review but it’s worth a watch. His two-part review of Avatar doesn’t so much shit on the flick but breaks down James Cameron’s approach to making every aspect of the film appeal to audience’s basest emotions in the simplest way possible. It’s actually pretty well thought out and address’s all the trickery James Cameron pulled on our playdough like minds.

Between this and the phantom menace review, this man is composed of 100% pure win.

Part 1 focuses on the story, the forced cultural message, comparisons to Cameron’s Titanic, the problem with the two-dimension villains, the unexplored problems of savage races without technology, how Cameron tricked audiences into falling in love with an alien race.

Part 2 (after the jump) focuses on the secret meanings behind the words of the world of Avatar, the Titanic/Aliens mach-up, the argument of the film being more about the experience than about the plot, how Fox/Cameron took advantage of a strategic release date, and Mike’s conclusion about the film.

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