Zombies, action, and boobs, Highschool of the Dead has all that and more. Not only will the manga make its comeback from a year and half plus hiatus, but it seems the series will get an anime adaptation as well and I could not be any happier as this was one of my favorite series from the last couple years. The story starts off where one day, there was a sudden zombie outbreak and students and a school nurse try their best to survive to find other family members if they are alive that is. It has certain scenes that pays tribute to many zombies, which one scene has a “Saimon” making an appearance. When the anime adaptation will air is not known at the moment, but it could start as early as March or April when Japan starts the Spring line up of shows. All i know is, there will be a lot of bouncing happening, which included zombies heads bouncing on the ground and as well as boobs.

Source: Anime News Network

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