Deadline Hollywood reported that the latest superhero reboot with be the man with out fear, Daredevil and David Scarpa, writer of The Last Castle and Fox’s The Day the Earth Stood Still will be scripting. While there’s been no official word on the reboot thus far, rumors regarding a ‘Daredevil’ reboot surfaced back in March 2009 and have been the subject of much online speculation. 20th Century Fox currently owns the rights to Daredevil as well as X-Men and Silver Surfer but stands to lose the rights to these characters back to Marvel/Disney should the properties not remain in active development. The Ben Affleck Daredevil in 2003, directed by Marc Steven Johnson (Ghost Riders, Grumpy Old Men) was put a bullet to your head crap. The directors cut was a little less suicide inducing. No, really it was a better film. Less love story (virtually none) and there was a whole murder mystery storyline that involved Daredevil/Matt Murdock proving the innocence of a crack addict played by rapper Coolio. As better of a film the directors cut was, the flick was just a poor execution of one of Marvels staple characters.(need I even mention the seasaw fight scene?) Since then I myself have also petitioned for a Daredevil reboot. Daredevil is a compelling character and deserves another go around. However the news of Fox rushing into another film with writer David Scarpa no less is potentially crushing news.  It’s clear that FOX just wants to milk out whatever money they can out it’s superhero department with no regard to making a good film. That is speculation on my part but I can assure that in the tale of two entities being that of Fox and Marvel/Disney that Marvel would no doubt have greater stake in how the character is handled. Plus how can we have much faith in a guy who has already failed at one reboot already (The Day the Earth Stood Still)? A piss poor film is virtually guaranteed.

On a side note: What would you all think if Daredevil was a television series? Wouldn’t that be the way to go? Either a an HBO no limit TV series of a primetime major network series. Either way Daredevil has all the elements for a great crime drama with a superhero element. The current comic book series reads off like one anyways. So why the hell not?

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