O Captain My Captain America

Captain-America002It seems that finally Marvel’s Red & Blue costumed character will get the movie that he deserved for years. No I’m not talking about Spider-man, I’m talking about Captain America (although, I do like Spidey more than the Capt). The Wolfman director, Joe Johnston, was out promoting his latest classic monster flick, he was asked many question for his next project and surprisingly, he didn’t hide anything and gave out answer that gives hope to the comic fan for this film. Thanks to /Film for gather many links that got info on the upcoming Marvel film and check after the jump to see what was said and is known about the Captain America movie.

It will be an origin movie with the setting set in World War II and that the lead villain will be none other than Red Skull with other known villains appearing as well. Johnston wants to find an unknown actor to play as Captain and make him a big star because of this movie, but he will be surrounded by known stars to help. Costume wise, Captain will seem to have two, with the first one being said to be close to Jack Kirby’s first design. Johnston notes that casting needs to be done by March and that they will film majority of the movie over in Europe and that should begin July. He also notes that he wants to shoot this in a way a comic film hasn’t been shoot before. It’ll be shot in HD and if they want 3D, it’ll be added to the post.

Thats pretty much the key info of what Johnston has gave out, check out the other interviews that /Film gather for more details and other things as well.

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