Star Trek Gets Naughty


What could be better than sticking hand in your pants? Doing it while watching Star Trek: The Sexed Generation video from Acornfilms! You might be asking yourself “Mason, what is Star Trek: The Sexed Generation?” And to this i say “ummmmmmmm AWESOME”, *although I liked the original a lot more than next gen*. It is a collaboration of little clips that capture the true perversion of Star Trek: The Next Generation and all the characters in it. With such quips as “21 cm… that’s good commander, veeerrryyy good.” “DAMN RIGHT” I’m feeling the heat as i type. Don’t feel inadequate, she was talking to a black guy.. Nothing like an interracial relationship. Well relationship might not be the correct term *insert vulgar term for friends with benefits*… But watching this video had me giggling nonstop, I giggle because laughing is for the weak, and so many giggles were produced that i started bottling them. They are now on sale, contact me if you are interested in enjoying the everlasting *the giggles escape after you open so it only lasts about 30 seconds**I know your girlfriend knows 30 seconds all too well*  laughter of an elated 17 year old boy.. Man…  That was creepy. But still, Acornfilms hit the g-spot with this video.

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