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Although we are far more interested in Batman 3 than anything involving the next Superman movie it appears the movie gods have shared some good news involving both. Speaking of gods, director Chris Nolan (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) is moving forward with the 3rd instalment of the Batman franchise but will, as fate would have it, also have his hands on the highly talked about, new, Superman film. Warner Bros. has been wanting to give Superman another go around ever since Bryan Singers: Superman Returns tanked.

OK, it didn’t tank but just didn’t pan out they way they would have liked. Superman is a title character and should be a cash cow for them. They’d clearly like a Superman movie to be in the same echelon of the new and improved Batman franchise. This didn’t happen with Superman Returns. Perhaps if they had secured a better writer and director who could have created some depth to Supes and actually have him fight something other than a plane. Oh wait, he did, he lifted a city of kryptonite, FUCKING KRYPTONITE!!! Rly? Anyway, that was their bad and they’ve been taking ownership of that mistake or at least one could say they are. Having lost faith in Singer as the man to helm the Superman franchise they’ve been itching for a reboot with another director. There has been a lot of discussion of what to do with another Superman movie and Warner Bros. has been at a bit of a stand still. If you think about it, really, what could you do with an infallible, virtually indestructible, moral absolutist, character that no longer has any relevance in today’s world? The character , although iconic is quite frankly boring. Honestly who wants to watch a film about do gooder who just flies around and saves people all day? As much as we would like to digress and cherry pick some interesting dynamics that have worked in Superman comics and how they might be integrated into a new film, that will have to be for another time (perhaps in the comment area?). Warner Bros. is trying to address the very issue of what to do with Superman and they are seeking help from Christopher Nolan. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Nolan has been reached out to act as an overseer, Shepard and all around “god father” to the development of Superman. He would not write or direct but mentor.  In other words, WB wants him to communicate some of the methods he used to reinvent the Batman films to help Superman get off the ground. In regards to this recent development all we have to say, at this time, is smart fucking move by Warner Bros. That’s a step in the right direction. Though let us pray, Nolan’s influence will be more than making Superman dark and realistic. Also, really hope we won’t be having a Superman who sounds like Clint Eastwood having oral sex with a bear. (“SWEAR TO MEEEEE!!!!”)

So thats the good news. Now here is the better news. The script for Batman 3 is currently under development. In fact it’s being worked on right now by Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer. Apparently Chris came to up with a story idea and these two are hammering away at it. A first draft should be in his hands by the time he finishes he latest film Inception.

We are all eager for another Batman film and it’s good to hear that it’s moving forward but do we really want another one? How can Nolan top the Darkknight? What story is there to tell, what villain is there to fight? Well, now this seems like a worthy discussion. How about it then? You tell us what would make Batman 3 as good or better than the rest.

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